Company Core Values

Zero Incidents, Zero Harm in all our Operations  

It is our Goal to achieve this


COSL Drilling Pan Pacific Ltd. (CDPL) values the health and safety of all people and believes that everyone has the right to expect a workplace free of hazards. 
The long-term success of CDPL depends on our ability to pro-actively manage the quality, health, safety and environmental (QHSE) aspects of our business while maintaining operational competitiveness. 

Everyone associated with CDPL’s operations is not only authorized, but obligated, to stop a job that places the health or safety of people at risk.

We are committed to the proactive management of QHSE through our Integrated Management System.
The effectiveness of the CDPL’s Integrated Management System shall be measured, analysed and reviewed annually through audits and management reviews to ensure client satisfaction and the company's quality objectives are met.

CDPL’s Integrated Management System is our approach to administering the activities related to QHSE management.
The system’s structure and scope have been designed to reflect CDPL’s core business of contract drilling.
The system is made up of nine (9) Elements and 93 Expectations. 

CDPL’s management team shall establish, document and support the Integrated Management System which shall include all policies appropriate to ensure the health and safety of people, protection of the environment and provision of a quality service; As such we require our leaders to; provide strong, visible leadership and actively participate in the continuing drive toward a corporate culture that places QHSE equal in importance to the other critical quality and business objectives, accept health, safety and environmental protection responsibilities while conducting offshore operations, set a positive example in demonstrating positive behaviors required to develop a safety culture, demonstrate strong visible commitment to QHSE, and in particular provide the necessary resources to achieve QHSE and quality objectives and targets, responsible for open two-way communication with employees, contractors and others concerning QHSE aspects, and  promote the sharing of best practice and QHSE lessons learned throughout the organisation.

All personnel within COSL Drilling Pan-Pacific Ltd are too; Hold safety as a core value integral to all operations and activities,

Demonstrate a personal commitment to safety, Stop a job if it is unsafe, Intervene to correct an unsafe act or condition, Develop a working knowledge of CDPL’s QHSE policies, standards, and procedures, integrate a plan for safety in all activities, and address promptly safety issues in their operation If you hold safety as one of your core beliefs, then COSL Drilling Pan-Pacific Ltd is the company of choice in the offshore drilling industry.