Meet the Team

Liu Chao- President

Chris Shea - Director Marketing and Contract


Mr. Liu Chao joined COSL in 1998 and has served in various positions, risen through the ranks to Rig Manager. In 2013, he moved to an office position in COSL Drilling HQ as Marketing Manager and subsequently as the Human Resources and Administration Manager. He got his promotion to Vice General Manager in 2016. In January 2017, he is appointed as President of CDPL. He holds a bachelor degree of Petroleum Engineering.


Mr. Chris Shea commenced his marine/offshore career with Mobil Shipping, London. He went on to be a Lecturer of Maritime Studies at the Australian Maritime College in Tasmania and then Head of Maritime Studies at the Northern Territory University. Chris then transitioned into the offshore oil and gas sector with Smedvig ASA working offshore, working his way up to Barge Captain/OIM. Chris was promoted to Marketing Manager for Smedvig in 2006. Chris remained with Smedvig which was then bought out to become Seadrill. In 2010 he moved to Global Tender Barges as the Chief Operating Officer, on the successful sale of GTB in 2013, he became the Director of Marketing for SapuraKencana Drilling. Chris joined COSL in 2016 and holds 2 positions within the COSL Group, Director of Marketing, CDPL and Director of Marketing, COSL Group.
Chris has a Shipmaster’s Certificate of Competency & a Master of Business Administration (Marketing and Finance).

Han Yong- Director E&P

Roxanne Choo - Director of HR


Mr. Han Yong has a degree of Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, and joined COSL in July 2004. He has served in various positions including: Mechanic, Equipment Supervisor, Rig Engineer and Rig Manager (since Sep, 2012), and has over 7years experience working overseas. In August 2014 he joined CDPL as Equipment and Technical Manager. In February 2016 Mr. Han Yong was promoted to Equipment & Procurement Director.

Roxanne Choo joined CDPL in July 2009 in leading the efforts in payroll management and cost control.
Subsequently in June 2013, she is appointed as the HR/Admin Director.
Prior to joining the firm, Ms. Choo held various challenging positions in the financial sector where she managed product group in trading currencies, financial futures, derivates , payment systems and associated financial risk management.
She holds a Bachelor of Science (honors) in Finance and has more than 25 years of working experience in the financial and oil & gas industry.