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Legal Marina Tower Binh Duong is more interested customers when buying apartments rentals. This article will promote the legal information of Marina Tower job Tan Binh Binh Duong.

What ought to be the emphasis of the Samsara Riverside job in Tan Binh? To begin with, please make reference to the procedure of legal execution of a job as shown below:

Within the above process, you merely need to focus on three main types of documents: Project investment certificate, land use qualification, engineering permit can be satisfaction on the job legal.

1. Task Management Marina Tower Tan Binh - Investment Permit:
The investment certificate can be an important legal record of the Samsora Riverside job. Considering how an investment certificate will let you know what size the job is. What works? ....

2. Job Legal Marina Tower Vehicle Binh Duong - License of land use right.

To know who owns the task, the document you will need to consider is the land use right license. This will signify the positioning of the storyline, land area, name of the dog owner. View GCNQSDD and that means you know who's the project trader. This is actually the device that will hint a contract along with you later. In case the job has been moved, there has to be a document moving the project.

Qualification of land use right of Marina Tower task here (updating).

3. Task Legal Marina Tower Tan Vehicle Binh Duong - Building Permit.

Job Permit for Marina Tower Binh Duong given on:
Permit for building Marina Tower Tan Binh (here's updating).
To get correct home elevators the legal job, avoid the bogus information outside, please contact PKD grasp phone:

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