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When you start adding UTM tags to URLs, they can get even longer, and more complex. These services providing some additional features like analytics, dashboard, no. of clicks etc. : This site offers a URL shortener, a URL tracker, domain WHOIS lookup, and a Google Ad Stripper from AdSense links. This is an older article, so I wonder, is the issue of short urls still the problem it was 3 years ago?

: A popular URL shortener that can generate its own shorter URL but also gives you the option to create a custom alias. You can also manually define the short URL of this URL shortening service in a readable format with simple words. Said researchers brute-forced a ton of different links and then used them as starting points for accessing the rest of a user's data or, in the case of Google Maps, a user's identity.

This service randomly generates the URLs as like services. If you're a marketer looking for the next best tactic for increasing your brand awareness and CTR (as most marketers tend to do), consider purchasing a branded link shortening domain. The benefit of URL shortener is, you can cross promote your products, blog posts or services with any of the links you're sharing.

Revenue, Counted Views and Counted Visitors is shown in Dashboard of each shortener. I just found out that you can shorten Etsy URL links at and they will automatically convert to links, which are clickable if you insert them into any product descriptions or pages on your Etsy store.

If you've ever relied on to tighten up links for you, it's time to start thinking about alternative URL shorteners. In some cases you can use a shortener to have a more pleasing Web address. Do you share links on whatsapp ? In this article, I am going to talk about a new service from Google called Google URL Shortener Actually, it's been around since December of 2009 as a feature of Feedburner and the Google Toolbar.

: Another URL to access the Adfly shortener. Although these types of preventative measures provide some protection, you can't dictate which shortening service people use. You can easily add links one at a time, but this also supports bulk import. What's your preferred method of shortening URLs?

Every account in the URL shorter service comes with data analytics page giving statistical info regarding the created links. Analytics available however all URLs and click analytics are public and accessible by anyone. Not only shortens the link but also lets you add a call-to-action pop-up that leads back to your own website and also lets you add a message before the link.

Other benefits to having your own custom short URL are things like consistent branding and increased link trust ' no one likes clicking on random links, so knowing it comes from a trusted source goes a long way towards increasing the likelihood that users might engage with it.

You don't need any extra link shortening services to shorten links: we can automatically clip them down to a short URL. : Link shortener with the ability to create custom keyword short links to help drive engagement and improve click through rate. Do you have any further info on them adding their own affiliate link to your shortened urls?

Then I started to notice with some longer URLs and Post titles I had, I was still able to send the tweet off. After you've created your shortened URL, you can return to any time to see how many people have clicked on your link. Along with the new premium plans, HootSuite now offers custom URL shortening services through the tried and tested tool.

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