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The instantly recognizable Valentino Rockstud shouldn't be solely one of many style house’s most iconic looks — it’s additionally one among our most sought-after kinds on The RealReal. "It completely merges an edgier aesthetic with the luxe supplies and femininity that Valentino is known for," says Senior Director of Authentication, Graham Wetzbarger. "You don’t have to be a biker chick to wear it — it’s not aggressive."

Valentino Rockstud’s popularity additionally means it’s often imitated, which could make it tough to find out in case you have the actual thing or a replica. On the RealReal, each Valentino Rockstud merchandise undergoes a radical authentication process to ensure its credibility. Read on as Wetzbarger shares a number of key features to search for earlier than investing in your subsequent Valentino Rockstud piece.

1. The Studs

"The signature Official Valentino Shoes Rockstud will all the time be a pyramid stud," says Wetzbarger. "The studs must be the same dimensions and equally spaced — with few exceptions — and have minimal to no hole between the leather-based and the stud itself. On some handbag fashions, the outermost studs may have round exposed backs based mostly off the design."

2. The Exterior Emblem

"Unlike different Valentino luggage, the exterior brand on a Valentino Rockstud bag is all the time printed on leather-based," Wetzbarger notes. "It will either be printed onto a leather-based placard that’s stitched onto the bag, or onto the piece itself." Additionally, watch for the coloration of the foil print — it ought to match the studs, so gold with gold and silver with silver.

3. The Inside Label

Make sure the signature valentino shoes online red tag is centered on the inside of the bag and stitched down on all 4 sides. The label itself could vary relying on when the bag was made. "Around 2011, Valentino moved ‘Made In Italy’ to underneath ‘Garavani’ on the tag, as a substitute of along the fitting edge of the tag prefer it was before," Wetzbarger says. "While each methods are authentic, its placement ought to match the production date of the bag."

4. The Serial Numbers

"Valentino launched serial numbers over the past few years," Wetzbarger notes. "They’re typically positioned within the inside pocket of the bag, sewn into the side seam." And in case your serial quantity tag is a different colour from the remainder of the bag, it’s not necessarily a red flag. According to Wetzbarger, he’s seen them in black, creme and tan calfhide — often a totally completely different shade from the bag’s other features. The one materials that may be a telltale signal? "Patent leather-based, as a result of it doesn’t stamp well," says Wetzbarger.

5. The Craftsmanship

"When inspecting a valentino shoes online Rockstud item, take care to notice the wonderful materials and precise stitching," says Wetzbarger. "For example, with a pair of Rockstud footwear, the interior label must be stitched on all four sides, the counter of the shoe needs to be in ultrafine suede so it grips to the foot, and the elastic parts on the strap needs to be nicely-built-in into the piece, not look flimsy or thin." It’s these small particulars that set a real Valentino Rockstud item aside from the lookalikes. Try this video for a more detailed look at the intricate craftsmanship that goes into creating a piece.

6. The Shoe Size

"On a Valentino Rockstud shoe, the exterior brand on the outer sole ought to be crisp and centered," says Wetzbarger. "And be certain the scale is in Italian sizing — not US.

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