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We reside in a community driven heavily by numbers, analytics and cold, hard facts. Big data is particularly vital for companies desperate to supercharge their marketing efforts and gain an advantage on the competition. That's because consumers have grown to be increasingly selective in the products and services they buy in addition to the messages they read or listen to.

From text messages to emails to direct mail, shoppers are constantly bombarded with promotional material. The stark reality is that much of it is completely ignored.
So how will you ensure your company's message doesn't fall on deaf ears?

The clear answer is simple. Adopt a data-driven marketing strategy—the one that ensures you're marketing to the right consumer at the proper time beneath the right conditions. Companies who do are six times more probably be profitable year over year.

Why Data Science is Important in Direct Marketing

Personalization is one of many key tenants of effective marketing. Using data science allows you to customize and personalize your marketing message or format on the basis of the preferences and demographics of one's consumer.

A report by Salesforce found that 52% consumers say they're likely to modify brands if a company doesn't personalize communications to them. So if your company is lacking of this type, it could very well be losing from opportunities to grow.

Customers crave a more personalized experience, and big data might help companies provide that by helping those companies understand:
– What drives a client to get
– What their spending habits look like
– What products/services a customer is most enthusiastic about
– Each time a consumer is almost certainly to get
– What marketing format to work with

How to Make Big Data Work For You in Direct Mail and Beyond

DMA reports that 49% of marketers today use data analytics to improve their customer experience. In addition to being beneficial to consumers, these details can also help businesses develop more engaging, personalized direct mail strategies by:

1. Understanding the consumer's shopping behavior
The right data can let your company know exactly how customers discover, buy and engage with an item or brand. Companies will then take that information to generate campaigns specifically around their interests, increasing the business's opportunity for potential leads, sales and referrals.

2. Understanding the consumer's website activity
The best data can assist you to know what products certain consumers try to find when on your own company's website. Additionally, it may help determine how often they revisit a product's page. In case you have any questions relating to where by in addition to the way to employ how to do digital marketing, you'll be able to call us in our web site. If these consumers have made prior purchases on your website or have opted for your company's email list, their saved contact information makes making a personalized marketing message even easier.

3. Understanding the consumer's social media marketing activity
Companies can learn a whole lot about consumers who follow their social media accounts. These folks who either "like" or "follow" a company clearly want to learn more about them in addition to stay up-to-date with any relevant company news. Consumers who engage regularly with a company on social networking in many cases are ideal targets for personalized marketing pieces.

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