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It's your first event and you're thinking about hiring a professional to help you build your trade show exhibit. Or maybe you've been doing this for years, but have always built your own displays as a way to save money. This year, though, you're considering a different approach - one that will deliver better results.

Doing everything yourself can yield good results. But most exhibitors are unfamiliar with the core design aspects that are necessary to create an effective trade show display. As such, their booths never quite match up to the professionally-designed booths that surround them.

That's why you're looking for a company that can put together an effective trade show exhibit for a price that accommodates your budget. The question is, where do you start your search?

This article will provide a blueprint for finding a company that can design a display that meets your expectations. Along the way, you'll learn how to work with the designer so the process doesn't get bogged down in unnecessary delays.

How To Find A Company You Can Trust

The first thing you should do is contact exhibitors in your city. Start with individuals you've seen at the events you've attended. Ask them about the companies that designed their displays and whether they're satisfied with the work. If they are, ask them for their designers' contact information.

Once you have a list of companies to contact, prepare a short list of questions for them. You want to identify their strengths and determine whether those strengths will be helpful to you when designing your booth.

For example, ask whether the company will merely design your exhibit or if it'll be involved in the installation and dismantling process at the event. Ask about the percentage of proposed projects that have been completed by the company. Find out whether they track customer satisfaction, and if so, how their customers rate their service. Ask how long the company has been in the booth design business and รับทำไวนิล whether the original team of designers is still involved in the process.

The answers you receive to these questions will give you a good idea regarding whether the company you're interviewing has the expertise and professionalism to help you.

How To Streamline The Design Process

You should have a clear grasp of the image you want to convey and the message you want to communicate with your trade show exhibit. It's important to consider these details before starting the design process. Otherwise, the job can easily become stalled.

Don't expect the designer to fill in the gaps. As the exhibitor, you're the one who has the best understanding of what you hope to achieve at the event. For example, do you want to attract a high volume of loosely-targeted prospects? Or do you hope to collect leads from attendees who closely match your ideal customer profile and demonstrate an immediate need for your products? Or are you primarily interested in giving your brand more exposure?

Your designer can offer insight regarding what works and what doesn't with regard to a range of circumstances. But that insight will depend largely on your goals for the show.

Money Matters: Sticking To Your Budget

The cost of your booth will probably be the biggest expense associated with exhibiting at the event. Assuming your budget is limited, it's important to establish in advance the maximum amount you can afford to spend on your booth's design. Unlike purchasing a state-of-the-art display system for a specific price, you risk cost overruns if you neglect to define a ceiling.

Let your designer know how much you can spend on your display. Doing so will help him or her to make practical decisions regarding functionality, accessories, and the best way to get your message across without exceeding your budget.

Creating A Trade Show Exhibit That Suits Your Needs

The only way to ensure that your trade show exhibit meets your needs and expectations is to clearly express both to your designer. For example, if you need shelf space to display large products, let him or her know. If you want your booth to offer plenty of open space so your employees can approach and engage visitors, tell your designer before the design process begins. Don't assume the person will intuitively know what you're trying to accomplish. Your objectives for the event may differ dramatically from those of other exhibitors.

Whether you want to generate leads from your target market, improve your brand visibility, or meet corporate decision-makers, the design of your booth will play a major role. Choosing the right designer for your trade show exhibit is the critical first step toward success.

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