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Erectile dysfunction (Erectile Dysfunction, Erectile impotence)

The erectile dysfunction (erectile dysfunction, erectile impotence) is a man's sexual dysfunction. Erectile impotence is one in which if a man get at least six months or longer erection or can not maintain and a satisfactory sexual intercourse is not possible.

Not always sex therapy is necessary at a psychogenic-related erectile dysfunction as little trouble can already be solved by consultation usually. edited During sexual therapy, after a thorough diagnosis, first directly-acting factors such as unfavorable experiences, fear of failure and performance pressure.

For erectile dysfunction PDE-5 is secreted too fast and the erection dissolves thereby quickly back on or not to last long enough to. Reasons for this development can be physically and even innate, but also psychological. Rare erectile impotence is due to an old injury, but may also occur - but then the biochemical chain is not disturbed as a rule.

But not every man who occasionally times has erectile dysfunction, has to make a serious worry. Often, the downside is a response to occupational stress and overload in everyday life. But if the problem persists for a longer period, a specialized medical advice should be sought in any case in order to avoid a serious disease.

Erectile dysfunction should be strictly investigated and dealt with (for example, a sexual enhancer or PDE inhibitors such as Viagra or cena leka cialis, because only then can the quality of life of the person concerned to recover. In addition, a prolonged erectile dysfunction be the first sign of serious diseases whose early detection enables effective or even preventive treatment. the use of PDE inhibitors (such as Viagra and similar drugs) can be treated easily erectile dysfunction today, as the drugs intestine compatible and are easy to use.

In Men's Health Center in Berlin we are specialized to diagnose men typical diseases such as erectile dysfunction. Through our check-up we can distinguish certain psychological causes of organic causes of erectile dysfunction. Normally, this can be treated very intestine and rapidly after diagnosis. Do not hesitate to contact us We will advise you and take your needs seriously.

The term "impotence is often used in normal usage pejorative. Other names for impotence are "potential problems" Erectile dysfunction or "erectile dysfunction. They all signify the same thing: an insufficient stiffness (rigidity) and magnification (tumescence) of the penis or too short a continuation of the erection. delineate these, other sexual disorders of man, such as sterility (infertility), or diseases in which the sexual desire (libido) is missing or ejaculation despite erection can not be done (ejaculation).

Erectile dysfunction is common, it is estimated that organic underlying causes about 70 percent of those affected. Circulatory disorders that also affect the erectile tissue of the penis, often occur in old age - they are, for example, a late consequence of diabetes Certain medications have a not insignificant impact on the potency. The excessive consumption of alcohol and nicotine does virility also not good.

Only about 5% of patients with deficits in the formation of hormones or Buzz Type can be detected. 25% have psychogenic (psychological) or nervous causes and all the rest have damage to the vascular system. In medical call is then clarified how the disorder manifests: lacks the hardness (rigidity) or is already does not reach the size increase (tumescence)? Or is the rigidity of short duration? Other diseases and operations play an important role in the survey.

Although the leisure trend taking Kamagra is now widely accepted medical advice before taking any child of male impotence medication as erectile dysfunction can be a symptom of pre-existing conditions will be discussed. Please note the contraindications, and any medical and / or legal restrictions that apply in your locality.

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