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Convenience capabilities on conventional and convection microwaves open your kitchen to an array of mealtime possibilities. Some microwaves provide adequate flexibility to prepare a whole meal as effortlessly as a bag of popcorn. Use our guide to seek out the ideal microwave for the kitchen.

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Microwave Possibilities & Types

Classic: This microwave opens with a swinging door and inserts between cabinetry or along / next to walls with an additional trim kit.

Built-in: A true built-in microwave becomes part in the cabinetry and usually attributes a drop-down door, similar to a conventional oven.

Drawer style: Exactly as the name suggests, this microwave slides out and installs below a countertop or wall oven. The height of this microwave may be a safer, much more convenient option for all members of the family.

Over-the-Range: Combining a microwave and variety hood, this do-it-all appliance is an excellent choice for saving space and maximizing function.

Countertop: Countertop microwaves are available in a variety of sizes and provide exactly the same cooking energy as installed units. The downside is that they take up valuable counter space and have no outdoor ventilation system. Some countertop microwaves come with trim kits that make it possible to build them into surrounding cabinetry or attach them to a nearby wall.

Characteristics, Size, & Energy

When you want to do much more than cook popcorn or bake a potato, acquire a mid- or full-size oven. Cooking full meals for a whole family requires a large model and high energy. Panasonic microwave ovens offer some on the largest sizes (up to 2.2 cubic feet).

Full-size ovens deliver 1,000 to 1,600 watts of energy, and mid-size ovens yield 800 to 1,000 watts. Higher wattage heats meals more quickly. Far more energy is better for cooking whole meals.

Compact microwaves-the smallest ovens-work well in dorm rooms, offices, and apartments. Some people use these mini-microwaves in boats and campers.

microwave reviewsThe compact unit really should be able to hold one particular dinner plate. These smaller microwaves yield 500 to 800 watts. Keep in mind that the lower the energy, the longer it takes to cook a meal.

Microwave toaster ovens are a "do-it-all" version of the compact microwave: They warm meals for one particular, heat water for tea and cocoa, and toast bread and bagels. Fancier models may present up to 24 toaster settings and 10 automatic cooking settings.

Comfort distinguishes today’s microwave ovens from earlier models. Shortcut settings automate power levels and cooking times for foods such as popcorn, pizza, frozen entrees, and potatoes.

The priciest microwaves supply up to 100 pre- programmed menu items that let you cook meals without having first having to select the amount of times or the power level.

Many units present speedy defrost settings that take the guesswork out of thawing. Some models have delay start-time options or will keep meals warm after it cooks.

When you obtain a new microwave oven, regardless from the oven you choose, keep the reference guide handy so you are able to take full advantage from the functions.

Automatic Sensors

This new technology can tell when meals is sufficiently cooked by measuring steam within the oven. You don’t have to set a timer. The microwave automatically shuts off, guaranteeing that food will not be overcooked or undercooked. Most manufacturers are adding automatic sensors to their models if they haven’t already.


There's no other appliance in your kitchen that delivers the versatile cooking capabilities of a microwave. When you are using just one particular appliance for reheating leftovers, steaming vegetables, heating canned soup and cooking main courses, you want to make sure you get the right microwave for the desires. Check crucial capabilities like size, interior capacity, wattage and power efficiency before you commit. Don't forget to consider ease of installation and how considerably space it takes up when deciding between countertop and installed microwave models.

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