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A fifth generation Texan, Perry grew up in Haskell County. His parents were cotton farmers, and Perry was among the first in his family to attend college. Perry served as Texas' lieutenant governor from 1999 to 2000. I started following this team a little before the midway point of the season. Being in an area with no team, I needed a new team having gotten back into watching hockey after many (almost 20) years of not following the NHL. At the time, this team was competitive and in the hunt.

The Outer Sunset's main retail drag is on Irving Street, between 19th and 27th avenues, while the Parkside's is along Taraval Street, roughly between 15th and 30th avenues, continuing with lower density practically to Ocean Beach. Connecting the two neighborhoods are the numbered avenues and Sunset Boulevard, which runs between 36th and 37th avenues from Lincoln Boulevard to Sloat Boulevard. Although Sunset is heavily trafficked, it's also heavy with trees and grass that separate nonmotorized travelers from the cars, making it a great walking, biking or jogging route.

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