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Keeping fences by cash in good repair is a necessary chore that not only adds value to your property, but also increases the security of your property as well. For semi-frameless glass pool fences, they feature full height posts, which serve to maintain the glass in position. This vinyl fence repair will keep the post from popping back up because it will have to fight its way through frozen ground. Here’s more information about the kinds of influences that cause damage and what goes into making their repairs.

In some situations, fence installation may require additional measuring, especially with decorative boundaries being placed with wood fences and similar materials. Dave Nichols writes about fence and deck maintenance and repair, cedar and composite decking, and other home improvement issues for the Rick's Fencing & Decking Blog.

Create some maneuvering room by unbolting the top rail from the corner post and sliding it away from the damaged area. Often the best solution is to simply replace the entire fence post and footing. That's why many people simply opt to have new chain link fences installed when segments get too damaged.

Even worse, much of the damage that occurs to a wood fence during the wintertime tends to fly under the radar. In that case a new length of wood can be wired or nailed to the old, or — if the stub is too short — partly buried in the ground. We repair and replace hundreds of Colorado backyard and business fences every year.

One way to keep horses away from wood fencing is to use an electric wire in conjunction with the fencing—the hot" wire is installed inside the fence line, adequately spaced, so that horses can't reach the wood without first getting a zap." This works well in pastures or large pens, but is often not advisable in a small area where horses (or people) may inadvertently bump into the hot wire—or be forced into it by overly playful or aggressive animals.

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