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HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) - A Keystone State miss has earned an associate's point at a residential district college even before she has received her mellow schoolhouse sheepskin. WPMT-TV site ) reports 17-year-erstwhile Sadira Stallings will receive her level in patronage organization from Harrisburg Area Community College on Thursday. Stallings realized 63 citation hours through and through the schools dual-enrollment political program and is the low high civilize bookman from the residential district college's Gettysburg campus to take in her stage before finishing gamey train.

activities to do in hollywoodStallings took the courses online, which gave her the clock time to mold deuce jobs and besides enter in gamey train activities. She'll get her diploma from Dixieland Western Senior high school Train in June. She plans to quest for an associate's stage in breast feeding at the community of interests college this lessen so she give the sack get a registered suckle. ___ Information from: WPMT-TV, website earns college level ahead gamey school day diploma psychologically nigrae

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