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Making a business of Web video is tough, but advertisers have shown a willingness to bankroll Web video as a means to reach women. WPP's branded entertainment unit Mindshare Entertainment created "In The Motherhood" for Unilever and Sprint, and after two seasons online, ABC is planning TV version (with a TV-sized budget) of the series next fall. On the other hand, the guys behind Dadlabs are still looking for ways to get their video series out of the red.

DELFT, Netherlands (AP) — A Dutch tech startup and a construction company have unveiled a Hyperloop test facility, a 30-meter (100-foot) long white steel tube that will be used to help develop the futuristic high-speed transportation system

>Family spokesman Jim McGrath said the 41st president remained in stable condition. Bush was hospitalized on Saturday and has been in the intensive care unit since Wednesday, relying on a ventilator to breathe. Removing the tube — a procedure known as extubation — would allow Bush to breathe on his own. He was struggling to breathe when he was admitted to the hospital Saturd

br>Tim Houter, CEO of Hardt Global Mobility, said Thursday that the tube will be used to test safety and other elements of the system at low speeds before construction begins of a larger test tube for high speed testi

br>Mommycast hosts Paige Heninger and Gretchen Vogelzang the only ones to gab about their mothering experiences online. But they're rare in that they're making a profit from the enterprise. Their podcast, sponsored by Dixie, made them six-figure incomes, and attracted a PR firm and Hollywood talent agen

br>In a deal brokered by Media Rights Capital, the duo will start producing 120 two- to three-minute episodes this month. No one is volunteering any terms, but if P&G is covering the entire cost of production, we'd bet they're shelling out something in the $500,000 range: That assumes production costs of $1,500 a minute, which is standard in low-budget Web vid

br>I devote a whole lot of time constructing videos for my net sites and among the issues I run into all of the time is finding background music to play throughout the video. Because of copyright as well as other legal issues, it is not doable to use “real” music that you would download from iTunes in the videos. I know lots of people do this, but it is just not the best thing to comple

br>If you are you looking for more info on see this page have a look at our web-site. The singer's mom, Tina Knowles, took to Instagram to share a video of herself dancing to Bey and Jay-Z's "APES---." In her caption, she explained that she was in the middle of a friendly competition with granddaughter Blue I

br>Not getting a rap or hip hop artist myself, I wondered if it were feasible to make “easier” and slower beats with this software program, and to my amazement it was not a problem at all. With rap and hip hop, the strong beat hits on the first and third beat of the bar. By way of example, in the event you count a beat out in hip hop for two bars (8 beats) it would sound like this (put emphasis on the words in caps): One two 3 four One two 3 4. But when you produce swing or jazz beats you'd do just the opposite: one TWO 3 Four one TWO three 4. Make the beat slightly less pronounced and add some brass or violins over the beat, run it for about 16 bars and then repeat the lo

br>I do have slightly music background, so I realize the basic idea of music, beats and chord structure, but even if you might have no music background at all I think it is probable to make beats for rap and hip hop with no trouble at a

br>There are many software program programs on the net that can simply let you make beats for rap or make beats for hip hop, jazz, jungle or whatever else you desire. So I bought 1 of these programs and downloaded it on my laptop. The promo specifically mentioned that you could produce your to begin with beat in about ten minutes (that is somewhat stretch because the intro tutorial video was forty minutes lengthy), but soon after I watched the tutorial they had been appropriate on. It took me only about ten minutes to get it goi

br>But with music, you need to listen to each and every audio individually which takes an huge quantity of time and power. Clicking on a WAV or MP3 file, waiting for the player to fire up, then listening to 20 or 30 seconds and realizing that it is not what I truly want. So you have to shut the player off and visit the subsequent file and get started the method more than once again. It actually takes about 30 seconds to a minute to hear a single track. Listening to 50 or 60 tracks to locate the one you would like every time you make a new video and you are able to see it iss

br>I can generate a background track with drums, horns, and violins for my videos now in about a half an hour. Way cool. As an example, the video beneath has the first track that I designed. It’s not the ideal, but it is a very good example of how straightforward it is actually to generate beats for rap or hip h

br>So, in order to obtain background tracks, it is needed to search the net, sometimes for hours, to find the correct tunes. The thing is, finding royalty totally free music just isn't like obtaining the appropriate image for a web page or perhaps a video. With pictures, you can load up 100 or additional pictures on your browser and rapidly view them all. It’s easy to locate the right picture.

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