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Office Printers

Any office that uses computers will likely need printers as well. Sometimes, printers come with computers or are made only to match certain models, but with the increasing use of laptop computers, it is more common to find printers that are usable from almost any computer and connect through a USB port. These printers will be the best investments for an office, since they can be used for different computers. Also, take some time to think about whether your office would be better served by one or a couple central printers that you can connect to all computers in the office or if you should buy separate printers for the different computers. Before you consider purchasing a printer for your office, it is important to identify your specific needs and familiarize yourself with the different features available.

These days, printers do a lot more than just print papers. Many printers now are also scanners, copy machines and photo printers. You can save money by purchasing a printer that can function as more than one piece of equipment for your office. Printers that include scanners and also function as copiers are usually no larger than traditional printers. While these printers with extra features are more expensive than traditional printers, the cost is significantly less than purchasing separate scanners and copy machines.

These days, almost every multifunction printer prints in both black and white and in color. Of course, the cartridges for each must be purchased separately, but it is much more common than not that a printer will be capable of printing in color. In the past, this was not always the case. Printers that are considered photo printers have greater capabilities of printing in the appropriate detail on photo paper, but some can do even more than that. Some printers are equipped with card readers so that the user may insert the memory card from a camera directly into the printer without needing to use a computer. Of course, this and other features may not be necessary for your office, so it is always a good idea to be sure you are not purchasing a printer that is too expensive and includes elaborate extras that you may not need.

Aside from the purchase cost of the printer itself, consider other costs as well. In order to print, you will need to purchase ink cartridges for the entire time you use the printer. Do not forget to factor in the cost of cartridges. If you are using both black and white and color cartridges, this expense can really add up. Many people do not realize just how much they spend in ink cartridges, and this is especially important to consider for printers being used in the workplace. The cost for cartridges varies by printer model. Some special printer models have been developed recently in order to reduce the cost of printer cartridges.

Since you cannot usually try out a printer before making a purchase, it is important to do your research first and read reviews about different printer models. Some companies have reputations for great warranties and customer service while others do not, so take this into consideration as well when looking for a printer for your office.

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