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Natural Reserve with an area of ​​up to 310.262 ha large, located on the territory of 10 communes of Muong Nhe district borders of Vietnam, this is the meeting place of those who populate the Hmong, Khmu, Ha Nhi ... traditional identity unique culture of each ethnic group, contributing with the beautiful nature here make for an appeal hard to resist. Go on winding mountain roads, the green of the primeval forests loomed before mixing with green color headline stretches of terraces, hidden behind the trees on the mountainside, the sticky floor , the leaves brown carry out of time. Step into the depths of copies, the Court pigs, chickens are free-range people flowing jumping on dirt roads leading into the atmosphere is quiet suddenly bustling by the cries of the animals, on the road occasionally visitors will encounter the woman casual ethnic babies strapped on their backs just has to work.

Coming to the primeval forest here, tourists with Vietnam visa application will be attracted by the looks pristine, dense forests with rich flora and fauna diversity. Evergreen forests, bamboo forests where this is the birthplace of the timber species such as po mu, frankincense, slice flowers, only sister, tracked down ... and precious herbs. Not only is the ideal environment for the growth of plants, the native forests here also the habitat of many rare animals such as turtles rock, sun bear, pangolin, red wolves, civet, .. .and a lot of birds, reptiles and other animals. With its wild beauty, trees, covered, nature reserve Muong Nhe are many tourists who love nature and want to escape from city life li chaos looking for.

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