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And since no one (including Brian) ever mentioned it, I'm assuming it was only me who was bothered so much about this thing. You can find that recipe here I'm always looking for easier, better, and more convenient ways to do things. This homemade spray deodorant is way more convenient and much simpler to make. So play with the amounts; coconut oil by itself is supposed to have mild anti-bacterial properties. I've never had any staining or lasting odor in clothing throughout the 5 years I've been making and using this homemade deodorant. I know the bentonite clay is drawing out toxins and I've read that you should leave it on 20 mins - half hour and then rinse it off. Since I make most of my other home care products, I thought- deodorant would be awesome!

Made by cold pressing the rind of fresh lemons, lemon essential oil smells intoxicatingly like a fresh, ripe lemon. I may play around with adding more beeswax next time, too — especially for a summer batch. I was in Thailand when this happened, and not wearing deodorant in 95 degree heat with 100% humidity is risky. I would stick to essential oils, the point being to eliminate any artificial ingredients. Be sure to buy pure beeswax only, as all other types are made with petroleum byproducts.

Turns out it is pretty common to detox after years (about 20 years for me) of using commercial deodorant full of metals and other toxins. I am a believer in coconut oil and all the health benefits we receive from it. God is so good to have given us all of these wonderful plants. Remove from heat and stir in the baking soda, arrowroot powder, and essential oils. Essential oils are very highly concentrated plant material, therefore it is important not to apply directly to the vaginal area but lightly through a water-based mist spray. Spray the area around the homemade pawing and the branches above, all the way down several trails. Homemade deodorant is a great way to get started with DIY personal care products. I purchased this deodorant a couple months ago, and I am officially converted from the commercial stuff. I just bought myself some tea tree oil a few days ago- so maybe I'll try again with your recipe.

Shea butter has wonderful benefits for the skin and that's why I originally added it. But then I realized it was the key to making the deodorant slide on easily. As opposed to commercial deodorant which puts toxins into your body, this deodorant does the opposite and actually pulls toxins out of your body!

But rather than just consider this post a casualty of the Great Move, I knew I had to write it. For my homemade deodorant went through the greatest test deodorant can undergo: packing up an entire apartment in Hawai'i, in the middle of August, in high humidity, with no air conditioning, and being too tired to shower for days on end because what's the point because I'm just going to get hot and sweaty again tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.

When we moved to British Columbia from Toronto, the powdered deodorant was replaced with a roll-on bottle of sticky liquid that had a commercial. I tried a citrus, arrow root and baking soda variety Bad juju for me - my armpits itched like CRAZY! We really love this deodorant alternative but don't add any essential oils (nervous about corn contamination) to ours. When the coconut oil sets (after some time) the deodorant will be in a semi-solid state. I did shell out almost $20 for the two ingredients I didn't have (shea butter and arrowroot powder), but that should make enough deodorant for, well, forever! Lindsay at Passionate Homemaking says that different brands of deodorant can make a difference with the irritation, too.

Then I added baking soda to the cornstarch powder." Back to being stink-free even after a sweaty day at the office. Apply a quarter-sized amount of the coconut oil deodorant to your underarms using your fingertips. Oh, and my husband insists on having his in a traditional deodorant container, so in the summer when it's runny, we keep it in the fridge so it stays solid. Sandalwood has many of the same properties, but also works great as a deodorant because of its pleasant smell. Just like witch hazel, coconut oil is another thing you should keep around, because it does everything. I found a recipe for a deodorant without any starches or baking soda, but it doesn't work for odor. RBD(refinded, bleached and deodorized) coconut oil can be processed further into partially or fully hydrogenated oil to increase its melting point. If you live in a hot climate, you may need to store the deodorant in the fridge if it starts to get melty.

If I could afford virgin cold-pressed coconut oil I would not need to make my own deodorant; I could buy the natural stuff. I thought about the number of times Londyn nursed a day (too many to count…she was quite the milk drinker) and the deodorant that was applied close to my breasts, and therefore, my nursing babe. You can also spray the insides of your shoes with this to prevent bad smells from building up.

I suggest you try my recipe and if that's still too much for your skin try using even less baking soda or maybe none although the effectiveness will suffer a little bit. Some try it w/ baking soda at all and find success, some buy a better brand of baking soda and find it less harsh (natural foods stores). I liked it very much in some ways, not so much in others and wound up switching to Secret deodorant spray within 6 months.

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